PokerLion Free Games is the best website for me to play and practice poker game in friendly tournaments and games. This is the easiest site to learn poker!

Is it PokerLion Free Games Website free to register?

New Account creation on pokerlion.co.in is absolutely free. There is no joining fee whatsoever. Just log into our website www.pokerlion.co.in and create a new account.

How does the Registration procedure work?

The registration process on pokerlion.co.in is very easy and fast. Please go to the pokerlion.co.in website. Once you are there, you will see a "Play Now" button of the webpage. By clicking on that, it will take you to a page showing two other tabs “SIGN UP” and “SIGN IN”. Click the Sign Up button and please fill in your details properly on the form.

What if I am unable to register on the Website?

There could be various reasons why you aren’t able to register on pokerlion.co.in. Please fill the registration form properly. You have to be eighteen (18) years old or above. Please confirm you are not residents of Telengana, Odisha, Assam and Gujarat. Please check your internet connection. Registering is very easy processes on pokerlion.co.in please read and agree the terms of conditions to register smoothly and continue to Poker Game.

What if I wanted to play without registering an account?

Though pokerlion.co.in is a free poker game website, it’s not possible to play without account registration. Account registration shall be mandatory for all Users. It takes no time at all to register and ensure your security as well as legality on the Website.

Can I create an account on this computer for others?

Yes, you can create an account for anyone in the same computer. Please remember to fill in the right details while registering. Please note down the User ID and Passwords properly.

Can I have more than one poker account?

Having multiple accounts is strictly prohibited on pokerlion.co.in. Each player is allowed to make only one account on the site. Making multiple accounts may result in deletion of all duplicate accounts.

Is my poker account safe?

Yes, your account at the pokerlion.co.in remains safe until your password is not revealed to anyone. Your password is the key to your account and it is your responsibility not to disclose it to anyone.

Why is it important to validate my account?

The pokerlion.co.in is free game website. Validating your account is not essential. Without validation, player can register and play here. As validation of account ensures security and safety of all, we will recommend validating your account fast so that you can start playing poker on our software.

How do I validate my account?

Please sign into your email account that you submitted at the time of new account creation. Please check your inbox for address for the validation mail of pokerlion.co.in. You will receive a validation code that you have to click on. This will complete your validation process on pokerlion.co.in .

What if I do not get the validation link?

If you did not receive your validation link, please check the email address you have registered while creating your new account with pokerlion.co.in on as you may have inadvertently added a typo. To do this, please click on account in the client and then click 'Change E-mail Address'. This will then show you the email address on the account. If your email address is correct and you still have not received your validation link, please check your spam filter and add support@ pokerlion.co.in to your safe list. Once you have your validation link, click that link and Validate your account. If you still do not find it in your spam folder then write to us at support@ pokerlion.co.in .

What if I forgot my Username?

Pokerlion.co.in is happy to help you 24/7. If you have forgotten your username, no problem, please send an e-mail to support@ pokerlion.co.in requesting for your username.

What if I forgot my password?

Have you have forgotten your login password, not a problem. You can request for a new one by clicking on “Forgot Password”, a new password will be generated and will be sent to your registered e-mail address at pokerlion.co.in. If need be for any further assistance please mail us at support@ pokerlion.co.in .

How do I request for a new password?

Log in to the pokerlion.co.in using your username and password. Go to your “MENU”. Then click on 'MY PROFILE'. On the Password field you will see 'change password' tab, please click there. This will help you to change password.

What if I forgot both my Username and Password?

Pokerlion.co.in will be glad to help you 24/7. Please mail us at support@ pokerlion.co.in and ask for your details. The mail should be from your registered email ID.

What if I cannot access my Profile page?

You can proceed to the Profile page by clicking on your Username seen at the top right corner of your Desktop. If you are using a mobile browser, then open the Menu and tap on Account Settings. If you click/tap on the Username/Account Settings button and nothing happens, then go to your browser settings and allow pop-ups (unblock pop-up window) if they are blocked. Refresh your page and tap on the Username or Account Settings again and you should be able to view your profile.

What does Username mean?

"Username" is the name which will show in the lobby or table. When you log into pokerlion.co.in client and choose a table to sit, your nick name will symbolize you on that table.

How can I change my email address?

Login in to the pokerlion.co.in.com website using your username and password. Go to "My Profile" page. You see the Email Id field, just click in that box and change the mail ID.

How do I update my mailing address?

Please go and login in to the pokerlion.co.in.com website using your Username and Password. Go to "My Profile" page. You see the mailing address field, just click in that box and change your new mailing address.

How long does it to take to verify an account?

Pokerlion.co.in will verify account as soon is created and the validation link has been processed by the User.

What is the system requirements needed to play your game?

To play at pokerlion.co.in client, you need - Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 400MHz Intel Pentium or equivalent processor, 128 MB RAM, 256 colour display with 800x600 screen resolution, 30 MB hard disk space.

What connection speed do I need?

For playing on pokerlion.co.in the minimum speed you need is 128 kbps.

I have MAC can I play poker at pokerlion.co.in?

Yes, you can at play pokerlion.co.in and access it from MAC.

What do I do when the game "freezes" or displays an error message?

Please check your internet connection and other hardware issues of your system. You could also launch the client from other internet connection or system to check back. For further assistance please write to support@pokerlion.co.in .

How can you ensure the integrity of your games?

Security is the top priority of pokerlion.co.in. Ours being free Online Poker site has the most advanced state-of-the-art technology that ensures the integrity of its games. With SSLv3/TLSv1 encryption algorithms, sophisticated collusion detection methods, true and tested Random Number Generation (RNG) and card shuffling techniques, we offer the highest level of security available on the web. We also review and update those methods and procedures regularly, thus bringing you to complete ease pokerlion.co.in keeps its players safe from:

  • Identity Theft
  • Collusion
  • Chip dumping
  • Betting Fraud
  • Affiliate Fraud
  • Known Fraud Pattern
  • Multiple accounts
  • Chat Abuse
  • Incorrect Bio
  • IP Country Mismatch

How do I know the games are fair?

Pokerlion.co.in has a lot of features that are there in the software that guarantee that the games are fair and 100% safe. Our poker client software uses our own custom random number algorithm. Unlike other standard approaches, our custom RNG algorithm uses two random sequences each one generated with a different seed. These two seeds are formed by collecting the random data generated in the poker system in terms of poker server clock; number of games played on that server and the system clock.

Pokerlion.co.in has a very experienced game and risk management team that keeps a watch on the all the games / hands played on its site to see to it that there is no collusion or chip dumping. If there are any such fraudulent activities happening, the players involved are immediately barred from playing till further investigations.

What are terms of service?

These terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement ("Agreement") between you, the end user, and www.pokerlion.co.in, and each of its officers, directors, agents, employees, consultants, suppliers, skins, vendors and affiliates. ‘Terms of Service’ lays down the rules and regulations that legally bind the end user/player to act or use the client software as mentioned in Terms of Service. Any breach of it by a player will lead to deactivation of his or her account. Pokerlion.co.in will appreciate if the end user/ player abide by these Terms of Service and maintain a healthy gaming atmosphere on the website.

Why is it important to agree to the Terms of Service?

Pokerlion.co.in values security as its top priority. Without accepting the ‘Terms of Service’ your account cannot be created on pokerlion.co.in. By clicking on the "Accept" or "Continue" button, you represent and warrant that you fully understand and agree to comply with all of the following terms and conditions (including all posted guidelines or rules applicable to our service which guidelines and rules are hereby incorporated into this Agreement), and that failure, to abide by these terms and conditions, may result in disqualification, account closure, forfeiture of funds and/or legal action against you. If you have any questions as to these terms and conditions, we encourage you to seek independent counsel prior to clicking on the "Accept" or "Continue" button. The Poker Room reserves the right to withhold, amend, or withdraw all the Terms and Conditions / Promotions without prior notice. For more information, please write to us at support@pokerlion.co.in .

Am I old enough to play at pokerlion.co.in?

You may only use the Services of pokerlion.co.in to play free poker games if you are eighteen (18) years of age or over. Access to our Services or any part thereof may be restricted by us from time to time in our sole discretion.

What is responsible gaming?

"Responsible gaming" means that we take seriously our obligation to keep online games fun and safe. That means preventing underage people from playing and helping those who may not have control over their playing.

Can I play from anywhere in India?

No. The game is not meant to be offered to players from Telengana, Assam, Odisha and Gujarat. Players’ residing in these states is not permitted to play poker on the Website.

How many poker chips do I get when I create an account?

When you open your play account with us on pokerlion.co.in, you are provided with the 2000 free chips to play with on our free tables on pokerlion.co.in .

What if I get disconnected form a tournament?

During Single-Table and Multi-Table tournaments on pokerlion.co.in, you will be folded if you lose your internet connection and your blinds will be return to your account until you return. Refunds for poker tournaments will only be issued if a problem with the tournament is identified by pokerlion.co.in and found to have been a result of a technical fault or error. Please write to us at support@pokerlion.co.in .

If the tournament window closes during the play, how do I get back in?

If the tournament window closes during the play, then refresh the lobby or login again.

What if I am unable to access pokerlion.co.in as an error occurred?

If pokerlion.co.in stops abruptly, please check your internet connection. It could’ve stopped or would be very slow.

How do I start playing?

  • To start with you must be 18+ year old.
  • Then you must know the rules of playing different types of Poker games such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha Poker.
  • You must be familiar and well adapted to the Poker Hands and its Ranking.
  • Then start playing Poker with Free rolls/Free Chips provided to you at your first login.
  • Choose the Table/seat you want to play on.
  • Play carefully and watch the player’s style of play and learn how to play the game.

What if I cannot access the Online Poker game?

To play the Online Poker game, you should click/tap on Play Instantly button in the Poker Website’s Menu.

If you click/tap on Play Instantly and nothing happens, then go to your browser settings and allow pop-ups (unblock pop-up window) if they are blocked. Refresh your page again and you should be able to view the Play Game.

When does a game begin?

At least two players have to be at a game table for the game to begin.

How to stop an abusive player?

Pokerlion.co.in will always maintain a healthy gaming environment in its rooms. We would disable player’s chat option if found to be abusive from our backend. If you are facing any problems or have any issue relating and particular player’s language, please write to us with the screen shot of the chat at support@pokerlion.co.in .

What are chat rules?

Certain forms and topics of chat are not allowed on pokerlion.co.in. Players engaging in offensive chat will be subject to a chat warning or a suspension of their chat privileges, or any other penalty permitted by law and/or our Terms of Service. Use of the table Chat feature should be done at the player's discretion, and is subject to compliance with our chat rules and User Agreement.

Why is it necessary to follow the chat rules?

Pokerlion.co.in will always maintain a healthy conversation and a light banter that goes with poker on its poker tables. Anything beyond that is a strict NO. So, if a player won’t follow the chat rules then pokerlion.co.in can disable the chat option for that particular player. Pokerlion.co.in can block the player too, if found violating its chat rules.

Why is my chat blocked?

If the player doesn’t follow chat rules, then pokerlion.co.in can block the chat. All rights remain reserved to pokerlion.co.in .

How do I use the filter option in the game?

Filter option in pokerlion.co.in game is self-explanatory. Please go through all the options available. Have fun!

How do I join a table?

To join poker tables, log into pokerlion.co.in game lobby. Go to the tournament section which has lots of free roll tournaments and then choose the table of your choice. You also see a JOIN TABLE tab below in the lobby, which gets you to a table automatically.

What if I am unable to join a table?

Pokerlion.co.in lobby will display the entire list of tables. You can use the filter option of Full Tables to filter out tables that are full. You now see tables that have seats available for you to join. Happy grinding!

Can I play at more than one table at the same time?

Yes. Multi-tabling is fun and requires certain skill. Pokerlion.co.in allows you to multi-table. For more information please write to us at support@pokerlion.co.in .

If I want to be in the room but do not want to play, can I sit idle?

Yes, you can login and enjoy the game, watching it. Do your thing!

How do I select a game?

It’s very simple. Pokerlion.co.in offers a lot of variety of games in its lobby. All you have to do is: Go to lobby > tournaments > choose the game > choose the stakes >click on that table. Just check if the table has available seats for you to play there.

How do I exit from the Poker lobby?

There is an exit option in the pokerlion.co.in lobby. By clicking it you can exit from the lobby.

Which variants of poker game can I play on pokerlion.co.in ?

The variants offered on pokerlion.co.in are Texas Hold’em, Blaze Poker and Omaha Poker.